Opportunities arising fromCYBER HEART©

The platform can serve anyone using the internet or smart devices.

CYBER HEART© is a software-based, post-quantum proof cyber security platform that provides unique security features that significantly improve the level of protection against modern threats.

The architecture and protocols of the CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform allow for an easy and cost-effective integration with new and existing software and security solutions like cloud infrastructures, identity management systems, mobile- and desktop-based operating systems.

Potential users of the platform include organizations and communities, software and hardware products, and ecosystems whose security must respond to today’s and tomorrow’s threats and/or that need to provide their end-users with privacy-preserving capabilities. Such actors are, for example, web and mobile device manufacturers, IoT operators, and companies and communities providing cloud-based services.

Basically, the platform can be applied on all systems containing sensitive information one wishes to process on cloud efficiently and in a post-quantum proof manner and keep from all third parties in all circumstances.


Can be installed in, and scales to, any known operating environment.

With DaosMeet, we will introduce CYBER HEART© to the world

DaosMeet is our first commercial application intended for worldwide distribution, unprecedented by anything on the market. It is a European, scalable, post-quantum proof communication application built on our groundbreaking CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform.

DaosMeet provides a valid, secure, and private alternative to the currently available, vulnerable communication and data transfer solutions.

There are 1.25 billion knowledge workers in the world, which means the number of potential users worldwide, from the start, is counted in hundreds of millions.

See the math?

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Secure, as never seen before

Join us in launching CYBER HEART ©, a platform that will re-standardize digital security and privacy. Contact us to discuss investment opportunities.

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