Who we are

Daos Technologies Ltd. is a Finnish company founded by a team of specialists in cryptography, algorithms, zero trust, and related technologies with backgrounds in, e.g., Nokia, Linux, and Finnish Defense Forces. It was established to present a platform that allows for unprecedented protection against prevailing security risks and privacy exploitation. Launched in 2022, the company intends to re-standardize the way the world thinks about online security and privacy.

The CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform, being scalable, quantum-proof and offering complete user anonymity, is applicable to any system looking to benefit from its bulletproof security features. The company will first introduce the platform on a communication application, DaosMeet, safe beyond anything available on the market.

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Secure, as never seen before

Daos Technologies has already gained the trust of many prominent investors and other actors that can only rely on watertight solutions. Contact us for more information about the opportunities linking to our solution.

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