Digital security is paramount. It enables freedom of expression, ensures privacy, and protects both intellectual and digital property rights.

However, all known commercially available digital communication and data transfer solutions can be compromised with quantum computing within the next few years.

Additionally, people are tired of various actors harvesting, using, and monetizing their data with no real option of saying no to such practices.

Where do we go post-quantum?

Digital security as never seen before

Our groundbreaking solution, CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform, gives power back to consumers, businesses, developers. Virtually to anyone looking for a solid way to keep their data safe and in their own hands, now and post-quantum. The data remains protected, always.


With DaosMeet, we will introduce CYBER HEART© to the world

DaosMeet is the world’s first scalable post-quantum resistant communication application, built on the CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform. It is our first commercial application intended for worldwide distribution, unprecedented by anything on the market.


No registration, no names.


Full control over your own data, no cookies, no tracking, no trace.


No breaches, ever.

More about DaosMeet

Daos Technologies has already gained the trust of many prominent investors and other actors that can only rely on watertight solutions. Contact us for more information about the opportunities linking to our solution.

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