Digital security as never seen before

CYBER HEART© is a software-based, post-quantum proof cyber security platform that provides unique security features that significantly improve the level of protection against modern threats. With CYBER HEART©, data is encrypted so that there is no need for decrypting during processing: the data remains protected, always.

The architecture and protocols of the CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform allow for an easy and cost-effective integration with new and existing software and security solutions like cloud infrastructures, identity management systems, mobile- and desktop-based operating systems.

Additionally, the platform scales according to the operating environment and enables completely new end-user features that improve both security and usability.

With CYBER HEART ©, anyone using vulnerable US-/China-based solutions can break away from such technologies and start benefiting from private and secure, high-quality European technology at its purest.

CYBER HEART© in action

DaosMeet is our first commercial application intended for worldwide distribution, unprecedented by anything on the market. It is a European, scalable, post-quantum proof communication application built on the CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform.


No registration, no names.


Full control over your own data, no cookies, no tracking, no trace.


No breaches, ever.

More about DaosMeet

Daos Technologies has already gained the trust of many prominent investors and other actors that can only rely on watertight solutions. Contact us for more information about the opportunities linking to our solution.

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