Privacy is a fundamental human right.

The challenge

The challenge

The current technologies do not comply with this right.

There has been a huge change in the way people work and interact. An ever-growing part of the workforce operates or wishes to operate remotely, which brings about the need of e.g., secure communication and data transfer.

The challenge is, that all known commercially available digital communication and data transfer solutions can be compromised with quantum computing within the next few years.

Additionally, people are tired of various actors harvesting, using, and monetizing their data with no real option of saying no to such practices.

The solution

DaosMeet: the world’s first scalable post-quantum resistant communication application

Based on our groundbreaking CYBER HEART© Cyber Security Platform, DaosMeet provides a unique level of privacy-preserving, unbreachable security.

On DaosMeet, the CYBER HEART © protocols prevent e.g. third parties from joining a conference, even if they have the same application and a copy of the invitation with links. Also, an external party cannot identify the parties in the conferences, and the person inviting the conference can talk to participants from their own company without the other parties in the conference hearing it.


The solution

What happens in DaosMeet, stays nowhere

No backdoors, no metadata collection, no nothing without permission.

DaosMeet is

Verified and safe without backdoors or any metadata collection.

Quantum-Secure, today.

Familiar and easy to use.

Daos Technologies has already gained the trust of many prominent investors and other actors that can only rely on watertight solutions. Contact us for more information about the opportunities linking to our solution.

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