Our technology is good for the green transition.

Due to the lack of secure communications solutions, handling business-critical information still forces people to travel to F2F meetings. This poses a challenge to companies that wish to, and have to, reduce their carbon footprint.

Daos Technologies is out to solve this challenge. Our encryption technology allows, for the first time in an enterprise environment, disclosing of critical information via video conferencing, therefore enabling a significant reduction in business travel and its harmful environmental effects.

Don’t believe the hype, be safe and secure.

We are here to protect your critical information.Are you ready to cut down your traveling?

As many as 91 percent of Finnish business travelers plan to reduce the harmful environmental effects of travel.

– Global Business Traveler Report 2022

Finnish large companies do not have credible plans to reduce emissions from air travel.

– Travel Smart 2023

Secure, as never seen before

Join us in launching CYBER HEART ©, a platform that will re-standardize digital security and privacy. Contact us to discuss investment opportunities.

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